The Truth About Love Conor Creighton


The Truth About Love by Conor Creighton shows you how to really fall in love with your life and with everyone in it!

We are trained from the youngest of ages to imagine that love is a force outside of ourselves. That love is something you have to look for, you have to work for, you have to diet for.

The truth is that love is an inside job.

We are creators of love, not discoverers of love, and until we realise that love comes out of us, rather than to us, we’ll never really get it or feel it.

Conor Creighton learned this the hard way with a string of tumultuous relationships in his past.

That was until, through meditation, he woke up to the powerful force that is self-love and watched as his relationships and the whole world transformed around him.

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The Truth About Love by Conor Creighton is published by the fantastic Irish interest publisher, Gill books. This is a paperback book.

To read more about this Irish non-fiction publisher see About Gill Books

About the author

Conor Creighton is an award-winning journalist and international meditation teacher. The Irish Independent called him a ‘relatable Eckhart Tolle’.

Through his work with the likes of Maser, Brown Thomas, Facebook and Google, as well as his many interviews on meditation, Conor’s name has become synonymous with down-to-earth wisdom.

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