De Danu Focus Essential Oil Blend


The Focus Blend Essential Oil Ireland has a strong lemon base with a touch of lavender and rosemary.

This blend will help concentration for those morning, afternoon and evening study sessions.

It is a perfect addition to the home office or the evening task list. Enjoy floral and citrus scents combined specifically to invigorate attention.

10% of your total order value will be donated to one of the fantastic Irish charities we have partnered up with – see charity partners for a brief overview of each one.

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This fabulous Focus Essential Oil Ireland blend was made in Athlone by De Danu.

To read more about this beautiful brand, click here About De Danu


Diffusion Directions:

  • Simply add 5-8 drops of deDANÚ Focus Essential Blend and put in a diffuser to create an uplifting and energising experience.
  • Place in an open space such as an office desk, table or counter.
  • Enjoy invigorating notes as they gently fill your space.

Size: 10ml



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